How Midwest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate Could Make you Happy

Midwest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate

MidWest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate

A dog crate provides a den-like personal space for your dog. This helps your dog’s potty training, housebreaking and reducing unexpected behaviors. There are hundreds of crates from many companies in the market. Surprisingly most of them claim themselves as the best in the business. Yet, we have gone through dozens of brands and models. Which helped us preparing list of best dog crate where MidWest iCrate double door dog crate stands at the top. What we like most in it is- it’s more geared towards the pet dog that doesn’t get hyper so much.

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Let’s get into the detailed review-

What to Consider Before Buying the Dog Crate

Dog Size and Breed

Determining the right size of your dog crate is important while purchasing the best dog crate. You should measure your dog size along with a few inches to each measurement. This will help you to get the right size of your pet. You need measure from your dog’s nose tip to tail base and ground to sitting height. Also, chose the material of the crate based on the breed type of dog. As an example – crate for a Labrador Puppy and Labrador Cross won’t be of the same material.

Price-quality Ratio and Resizing Capability

The price of the best dog crate won’t be out of a $50-$150 range, varying on size and crate material. Purchasing a crate for the puppy can be wiser than bigger crate which you can resize accordingly. So we suggest looking for two key factors while finding the best dog crate within budget.

  • quality product on a budget
  • and resizing capability

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Product Overview

The Midwest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate sets up effectively with the overlap and convey design that requires no utilization of instruments and can be finished by practically anybody. The dog crate comes to you furnished with each component you can consider; two entryways for simple access to your pet inside either through the customary front entryway or from the favor the second entryway. The twofold entryway likewise bears you more chances to fit bigger containers effortlessly in your current rooms or vehicles, a composite plastic search for gold cleanup in case of a mischance, two plastic conveying handles to move the dog crate starting with one area then onto the next easily, sheltered and secure slide jolt hooks for the wellbeing and security of the pet inside and the furniture all things considered, and above all a free divider board for utilize while your puppy is as yet growing up.

Our most important concern while judging this crate was its quality material and strength. Midwest iCrate Double Door Dog Crate consists of sturdy metal and held together with a strong frame. This is good enough for decent dogs, but not recommended for dogs that are quite an aggressive chewer. It comes with two door style- single door and double doorways.

How to set that up?
For those who are totally naive or not confident enough to setup that for your dog.

This dog crate comes along with a handful of features. What we like more is- it has a built-in plastic pan that rests on the bottom of the dog crate. This is quite helpful to manage the pet while you are out of the home or to sleep over. Considering the price-quality ratio, it is one of the most featured best dog crates at the market.
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Last but not least, it has quite a space inside ranging from 22 inches to 48 inches (varies on size). Mostly pet owners look for midwest icrate double door with 42 inch crate.

Product Key Details

Primary Material
Hardware Material
Weather Resistant
Chew Proof
Airline Approved
Handles Included
1 year limited

Product Benefits

  • Comes up with six different crate size.
  • Amazingly spacious for dogs of almost any type.
  • Two doorways support for accommodating two dogs at once.
  • The price of the crate is quite pocket-friendly considering the features
  • Easy to operate with a simple, yet ingenious, “locking” mechanism
  • Easy to setup and fold down. take it with you when you travel, or fold it away when not in use
  • The lightest weight of all of the wire crates make you comfortable to carry
  • Divider panel saves your budget and one crate can fit a dog from puppy to adult
  • The black electro-coated non-toxic, long-lasting, rust-resistant color finish keeps your crate looking like new
  • All edges and corners are rounded and no sharp edges for the safety of you and your pet

Product Limitations

  • The dog resting pan is not easily removable.
  • The crate can be scratched quite easily.

Safety Tips

Before placing your dog in the crate, please be sure to remove all collars, neck-wear, or tags to prevent possible entanglement.


In a nutshell, the Midwest iCrate double door dog crate can be a great choice and one of the best dog crates for almost all types of dog. Until you have got an aggressive dog as a pet, it’s a much recommended one from our side. You can buy it from here:

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